Industrial Ethernet

Industrial Ethernet is at the core of intelligent applications where the likes of public safety and system security is of the utmost importance. The use of a robust ethernet system ensures critical data and privacy remain protected whilst performance is uninterrupted by environmental interference or link failure.

BOSCOM import & distribute an extensive range of industrial ethernet products which are suited to applications such as surveillance, automation in smart homes or businesses, transport and M2M (machine to machine) networks. Our industrial ethernet solutions will perform under wide range temperatures, severe electromagnetic interference and incoming vibrations.

Ethernet Switches, Media Converters and Cellular 3G/4G/LTE Routers are just some the intelligent products available which can help increase functionality and security with minimum energy usage and cost.

Gigabit Ethernet Switches, Rack mount Switches; Reliable high bandwidth data transmission suitable for industrial control rooms or substation automation.

Media Converters; Converting Fibre to Copper in harsh environments and protected by IP30 and IP31 Aluminium housing 

Cellular Routers; Ethernet to Cellular (3G/4G/LTE gateway) machine to machine communication. Supports remote management

Ask about our 5 Year Industrial Ethernet product warranty.

The Korenix JetCon range of Industrial Fibre Media Converters have been designed to convert fibre signals to copper signals and comes in either single mode or multi mode. Mounted via DIN Rail and housed in IP30 or IP31 aluminium, this robust range of media converters can still perform to excellent standards in harsh environments and wide ranging temperatures ensuring protection against equipment damage.

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DIN Rail Mount Ethernet Industrial Switches are designed with dual power inputs and alarm relay to indicate faulty conditions when any link or power failure happens, increasing the systems reliability. It's high performing robust build is reinforced with IP30 / IP31 aluminum housing which supports heat dispersion capable of withstanding temperatures ranging between -40~75 degrees Celsius and prevents equipment damage.

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Industrial Rack Mount Ethernet Switches range from 24 Port through to 48 Port 1RU models all with a vast range of solutions for a complete secure managed network. Designed for harsh environments, Industrial switches withstand vibrations and endure extreme temperatures.
With advanced features and a variety of port, speed and interface configurations, Industrial Rack Mount Ethernet Switches are the ideal product for a robust, high speed critical stable network.

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The Korenix JetWave Series of Industrial Wireless 3G 4G LTE products are designed for industrial M2M (machine to machine) communication; a popular protocol for industrial automation and M2M applications used to improve efficiencies and communication. The JetWave Series of wireless technology creates an access point over the cellular network which allows users to remotely manage or operate network systems.

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The DIN Rail Mount series of Industrial Power Supplies are used in conjunction with all DIN Rail Mounted active equipment including media convertors (JETCON) and switches (JETNET).
Input voltage for Australia is 240Vac and our Industrial Power Supply units offer a wide range of power outputs to supply power for single devices or multiple devices.

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The DIN Rail or Surface Mount Distribution Box is a compact indoor DIN rail / wall mount fibre optic break out termination point for interconnectivity and termination of optical fibres. The unit’s small size is ideal for use in tight closets, inside cabinets and enclosures. 

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2RU Rack Mounting DIN Rail is designed for componentary which need to be mounted via DIN Rail in 19" racks or cabinets.

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The DIN Rail Mount Keystone Module Cover is designed for mounting any keystone footprint module i.e Keystone RJ45 Jack, for use in industrial ethernet applications.

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