Standard Ethernet Media Converters

Product Description

Media Convertors are used in environments where the copper channel extends beyond 90metres and requires a fibre link to carry information further distances. Desktop Media Converters are designed for converting a copper connectivity channel consisting of 1x 4 Pair RJ45 copper link to fibre and converting that fibre link back to the original copper channel. These compact media convertors are available in both single mode and multimode applications and come equipped with their own power supply.


  • Converts copper to fibre for copper runs over 90 Meters
  • All available with their own power supply
  • Compatible with the rack mount chassis and chassis power supply

Media Converter Options

Interfaces: SC and SFP

Speed:10/100, Gigabit

Distances: Single Mode (up to 20 km) and Multi Mode (up to 2km)

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