Category 3 Cable

BOSCOM stock and supply a comprehensive range of Category 3 cable and provide a full suite of componentry for your voice installation.

Category 3 is rated at 1-16MHz frequency bandwidth to support voice applications for plain old telephone services (POTS) which adopted the twisted pair and high pair count cabling much earlier than LAN’s and PC’s.

The demand on technology has grown exponentially since Category 3 was established and many applications now require higher bandwidth frequencies and speeds, however Category 3 and voice products are still being installed in environments such as large offices and organisations where there is no designated IP address for voice signals.
Any number of designated telephone lines can be created for homes, businesses or large organisations, and managed using a PABX system.

Smaller installations of a cat3 voice solution will only need the required number of Cat3 unshielded twisted pairs for telephone lines and supporting componentry such as back mount frames, earthing modules, and disconnect modules; possibly a PBX system too if the user wishes to manage the lines. Larger organisations who want the flexibility of using patch cords can use PABX systems and house voice panels and 24 port patch panels in 19” racking units so all phone lines can be organised, accessible and patched out to their designated field outlets.

Cat3 UTP Cable; 2-100 pairs

Back Mount Frames and covers;

Modules; Disconnect modules, connection modules, earthing modules, Gas Arrestors

Gel Filled Joiners; 2wire and 3wire

RJ45 Splitters;

View our selection of cat3 products below and get in touch to find out how we can piece together your voice solution for you! Can’t find what you’re looking for? Send as an email using the contact information at the bottom of the page or via the Contact page on our website and one of our team members will get in touch!

Your reliable connection starts with us!

BOSCOM's 10 Pair Disconnect Module has been designed for CAT3 Telecommunications connections via PROFIL or AMFIL mounting allowing for 10 incoming and 10 outgoing pairs. 
Earth Modules are used in conjunction with Disconnect Modules to safely earth and redirect electrical surges and can connect up to 30 earth leads.
Both accept KATT style punch down and are mounted on our range of backmount frames.

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Gas Arrestor Magazine holds up to 10 3-pole arrestors and are mounted on 10 Pair Disconnect Modules. Gas Arrestors are designed to protect each individual voice pair from electrical surges.

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Our range of Backmount Frames are designed to house 10 Pair Disconnect Modules of both PROFIL and AMFIL. Backmount Frames are for internal use as a Campus Distributor, Building Distributor or Floor Distributor at or beyond the network boundary.

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CAT3 Distribution Boxes have been designed to house the 10 Pair Disconnect Modules and each come with Backmount Frames. Distribution Boxes come Loaded and unloaded in different pair counts. Internal and External IP Rated Distribution Boxes available.

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Backmount Frame including plastic Jumper Frames, allowing housing of covers and available in two sizes: 11 Way and 27 Way.

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1RU 50 Port Telco Voice Patch Panel allows up to 50 DDI (direct dial in) RJ45 outlets and is terminated via KATT style IDC. 50 Port Patch Panels are available in both standard IDC and AMP Champ Connector (pre terminated 25 pair tie cables made to order). Suitable for medium - large sized office applications. Cage nuts and screws supplied.

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Hinged Label holder creates a cover for the disconnect module and assists with organisation of labelling.

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Disconnection Plug is inserted into 10 Pair Disconnect Module to open contacts of 1 Pair.

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0.5mm Voice 1 Pair Jumper Wire available in 250M Reels and Pair colours of:

Red/White (RD)
Blue/White (BL)
Green/White (GN)
Purple/Brown (PR)

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Used for testing without interruption of live line on 10 Pair Disconnect Module.

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Gel Filled Joiners are used for joining Jumper Wires and underground voice cables.
Both UY2 2 Wire Yellow Gel Filled Joiners and UR2 3 Wire Red Gel Filled Joiners are both available in packs of 100's and 1000's.

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One RJ45 socket can be split into two creating various pin configurations to extend options for both voice and data. Designed to be installed in pairs, one singular RJ45 4 Pair UTP Ethernet cable can be split to then create two ports suitable for voice and data transmission.

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