Quick Cable Termination Tool

Product Description

Save up to 75% on termination time with BOSCOM's Quick Termination Tool; perfect for terminating BOSCOM CAT5e, CAT6 & CAT6A Keystone IDC RJ45 Jacks. Our cable termination tool is designed for precise termination of all 4 Pairs onto Keystone IDC RJ45 Jacks whilst simultaneously cutting excess wire in one quick and simple motion. 

The BOSCOM Quick Termination Tool is light in weight, has a tab lock that closes jaws for space saving and protects the IDC blades. The BOSCOM Quick Termination Tool is packaged with a bonus blade and each blade will terminate over 1200 times.

Done in 60 Seconds!

1. Prepare Cable & Tools

2. Lay Cores into IDC

3. Insert Keystone Jack into Quick Tool

4. Close Handle to Terminate & Cut

5. Clip Dust Cap On Rear of Jack

6. Termination Complete

Quick Tips

  1. Use the right tools. BOSCOM Quick Termination Tool and UTP Cable Stripper
  2. Jack can be inserted into the Quick Tool by left or right handed direction
  3. Never untwist each pair. Use the pair separation posts to divide pairs into IDC

Item: Quick Termination Tool

Product Code: CTQUICK

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