Fibre Cleaning

What’s one of the most important factors in fibre optic installation and termination? Clean connectors and equipment! The smallest amount of dust or even oil from human hands can impede the pulses of light traveling through the fibre and cause signal losses so it’s important to ensure you have the right fibre optic accessories in your kit before you start your next fibre install. 

Cleaning kits are available which contain key products that are also sold individually such as: Kim Wipes, Cleaning Solutions, Alcohol wipes and more…

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The Stickler Cleaning Kit is non-flammable (ideal for travel) and contains items that are most commonly used products for cleaning fibre prior to splicing.
Contents of Stickler Cleaning Kit:
x2 Cans Travel Safe Cleaning Solutionx1 Tub Lint Free Wipesx1 Box Lint Free Wipesx1 Pack Lint Free Wipesx3 Pack Cleaning Sticks: SC, ST, FC, SC/APC, 2.5mmx2 Packs Cleaning Sticks: LC, MU 1.25mmx1 Carry Case

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Safe travel, non-hazardous and non-flammable fibre and connector cleaning solutions. Cleans in 5 seconds, dries instantly and contains over 400 cleans.

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For the perfect clean of fibres and connectors, use Kim Wipes in conjunction with isopropyl alcohol.

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Lint free wipes housed in easy to use cassette. Each cleaning tape provides over 400 wipes.

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Gel Cleaning Kits are ideal for the effective extraction of gel filling from fibre optic and copper cables.

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One Click Cleaners are designed for quick and precise cleaning of fibre connectors in one simple click. The One Click Cleaner (available for either SC 2.5 or LC 1.25 connectors) can clean up to 800 times.

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Alcohol Dispensing Bottles are perfect for containing smaller portions of isopropyl alcohol. The white casing can be easily labelled and bottles are ideal for desktop or bench spaces. The spring loaded dispenser disperses alcohol with one simple push.

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Pre moistened alcohol wipes for cleaning fibre and connectors are suitable for travel of where space is limited. Available in packs of 100. 

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