Fibre Optic Cable

For copper cable runs over 90 meters, choosing fibre optic cable will help maintain high data transmission speeds, reduce signal loss and provide resistance to electromagnetic interference.
No matter the application or environment for your installation, BOSCOM can provide quality fibre optic cables to meet your project needs. All fibre cable can be ordered for various environments, core counts and lengths. There is also the option for pre-terminated fibre to help increase your projects efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Before choosing your fibre cable consider these questions: Are you running the cables between floors of a building or will the cable need to be direct buried under ground? What’s the distance of the cable run? What speeds do I hope to maintain? Which mode will I need?

If you’re running fibre cables vertically or horizontally or connecting floors within buildings then Indoor/Outdoor Riser cable is the option. Require a fibre cable that can be directly buried into the ground without a conduit? Then External Loose Tube Gel Filled Cable is going to be your best bet!

For speed of data transmission, Single Mode and Multi Mode are your two options. Single Mode is typically used for long haul applications where you would require high speeds across long distances and multi-mode is commonly used for high speeds travelling short distances such as data centres and internal networking systems.

Have questions regarding which fibre cable is best suited to your application? Send us an email using the contact information at the bottom of the page or via the contact page on our website and one of our team members will get in touch!

Indoor/Outdoor Riser Optical Fibre Cable is constructed with a 900um Tight Buffer which is bound together by aramid yarn and available in 4 core through to 48 core in any mode. A Dry Blocked core protects the fibres from small amounts of moisture and the PVC jacket is toughened for UV protection. Jacket/Sheath is also available in LSZH and appropriate mode colours.

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External Loose Tube Gel Filled Fibre Cable is designed for direct buried external applications. The Optical Fibres are surrounded by gel filled loose tubes for protection against water damage which surrounds the CSM (Central Strength Member). The CSM strengthens the construction of the cable while the PE (polyethylene) sheath surrounds the loose tubes and an overall Nylon Jacket is applied for insect resistance.
Available from 6 Fibres through to 624 Fibres across multiple constructions including GRP (Non Metallic Armor) for various long haul applications.

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To receive a quote, simply click the Pre-term check list link located below the image on the top left hand side, download the file, fill it in and send back to
Pre Terminated Fibre Assemblies is an ideal way to get exactly what you require for your fibre installation. All Pre Terminated assemblies can be ordered for various cable environments, core counts, lengths and connector styles.Pre Terminated Fibre Assemblies will increase efficiencies in field installation upwards of 75% by eliminating the need for onsite termination; its already done! 
A protective ...

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