Product Description

Fibre optic Pigtails come in various modes and connector styles for either fusion splicing or mechanical splicing to connect to the end of your Riser Cable cores or External Gel Filled cable cores for fibre optic break out terminations.

Supplied Singularly and in Rainbow 12 Packs.


  • Machine polished
  • High Quality
  • Time Saving for connectorization
  • Testing performed in controlled factory environment
  • Single Pigtail or Rainbow Pack of 12
  • 2 Meter Tails


  • Termination of Fibre Cores via Fusion Splicing
  • Termination of Fibre Cores via Mechanical Splicing

Colours - Rainbow 12 Pack

Colour Blue Orange Green Brown Slate White Red Black Yellow Violet Rose Aqua
Fibre Core 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

  • AS S008
  • TIA-598C
  • ROHS
  • IEC 14763.3

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