Through Adapters

Product Description

Through Adapters are used in all fibre optic break out terminations connecting: pigtails, patch cords, pre terminated fibre, active gear and media convertors. Available in all modes of Multi Mode and Single Mode and appropriate mode colours including OM4 Erika Violet.


  • Latching Clips on the side of adapters for quick installation
  • Two Flange options suiting a variety of mounting applications
  • High performance ceramic or phosphor bronze internal aligning sleeves
  • Individual dust cap per port


  • Used in Fibre Optic Break Out Terminations (FOBOTs)


Single Mode: Blue

Single Mode Angled: Green

Multi Mode OM1: Beige

Multi Mode OM3: Aqua

Multi Mode OM4: Aqua or Erika Violet

Adapter Styles

LC-LC Duplex and Quad

SC-SC Simplex and Duplex

ST-ST Simplex

ST-SC Simplex

SC/APC-SC/APC Simplex and Duplex

  • ROHS Compliant
  • IEC 61754
  • TIA 604

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