Fibre Optic Tools and Fibre Optic Tool Kits

Having the right tools for the job and keeping them in excellent, clean condition is highly important, especially with fibre optic installations. 

Our selection of fibre optic tools will assist you in achieving a perfect result each and every time, whether you’re terminating epoxy style connectors, field installable connectors or performing fibre core preparation for pre-polished pigtails. And for each type of installation there are all in one tool kits available too!

Fibre Field Installation Kits containing; Jacket Strippers, Kevlar Cutters, Cable stripper, One Click Cleaners, Cleaver and more…

Fibre Connecter Kits contain;  Fibre Stripper, Kevlar Scissors, Crimp Tool, Scribe, Epoxy glue and hardener, polishing pucks and more…

Need replacements for exisiting kits? Products are sold individually too. Send us an email using the contact information at the bottom of the page or via the Contact page on our website and one of our team members will get in touch!

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The Fibre Field Installation Tool Kit is a must have for all technicians. The all in one tool kit for NBN Fibre to the Home (FTTH) contains products suitable for the preparation, cleaning and testing of NBN fibre installations.
Contents of Fibre Field Tool Kit:

Jacket Stripper
Kevlar Cutters
Cable Stripper
Alcohol pump bottle
One Click Cleaner
Sharpes Container
Kim Wipes
Cletop Cleaning Cassette
Waterproof case with foam inserts

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The Fibre Connector Kit has been compiled with products to assist technicians with the termination of fibre epoxy polishing connectors.
Contents of Fibre Connector Kit:

Fibre Stripper
Kevlar Scissors
Crimp Tool for fibre connectors
Fibre Scribe
Epoxy glue and hardener
Isopropyl Alcohol
Polishing pucks for SC and ST
Lapping Film
Rubber Work Pad
Cleaning Tissues
Hardened glass polishing plate

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The Precision Fibre Core Cleaver is easy to use and capable of precision cleaving from 1 to 12 fibre cores at a time. Up to 48,000 Cleaves per blade before replacement blade is required.

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For stripping most loose tube cable jackets, The External Loose Tube Cable G Stripper is easy to handle and has been designed with an adjustable blade.

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The Fibre Cladding Stripper is designed to remove the cladding from the fibre core. Designed with three different sized grooves, the Fibre Stripper removes the 250µ or 125µ cladding off the core.

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The Fibre Cable Cutter is designed for light duty fibre cable cutting for cable OD less than 10.5mm.

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The Fibre Scriber is designed to start a break within the fibre cable in preparation of fibre connector polishing.

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Kevlar Scissors are industrial grade with a robust design to cut through fibre kevlar.

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