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BOSCOM Home Networking has a solution to fit all lifestyles, from entertainment to gaming to home business. Structured cabling in your home, apartment or office provides you with an uninterrupted connection and future proofing for your investment. 

We are a manufacturer and distributor of a range of quality home networking products, and provide a full suite of componentry for installation of home data communication infrastructures. BOSCOM supply products and solutions for home distribution of Data, Digital TV, CCTV, Audio / Video, WAP’s (Wireless access points) and ADSL Broadband internet.

High speed networks are in demand by home owners as the number of personal devices connecting to the internet and requiring high bandwidth is increasing. With the rollout of the NBN, fibre optic broadband to homes offers access to high speed data downloads. While service providers are significantly upgrading their infrastructures, not all home and building owners are following.  

We import, manufacture and distribute a full range including NBN Specific Enclosures, NBN Fibre Lead in Cables, Home Networking Distribution Units, AV Distribution Modules, Data Distribution Modules, Telephone Distribution Modules, Voice Over IP (VOIP) Distribution Modules, Mounting Plates for Active Equipment. 

Our product range provides solutions for all Home Networking:

NBN; NBN specific distribution units - NBN fibre lead in cables

Network Types; Multi Apartment Dwellings - Homes/offices, SOHO (Small Office Home Office)

Telephone and Audio/Video Distribution;

RJ45 Categories; Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a

VGA/RCA/HDMI/Infra-Red media distribution;


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