19" Accessories

International M6 Nut M6 Bolt with Phillips head, pozi drive No2 set of Cage Nuts are supplied in conjunction with all Racks and Cabinets.

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19" Rack Mount shelving can be added to all cabinets depending on your application requirements. Four different types of 19" Rack Mount shelving is available to suit a range of applications.

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Cable Management bars for 19" Rack Mount applications are used to organise cables and protect them from strain. Different Cable Management bars are available depending on cable management capacity.

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Fan Units are available in single or dual configuration and have been designed to promote air flow in Wall Mount or Swing Frame Wall Mount cabinets.

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Fan Kits are 1RU in size and designed for 19" Rack Mount systems to keep active equipment cool and promote air flow. Mounted by Rack Unit, the 2 Way or 4 Way kits can be placed anywhere within the cabinet.

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1RU and 2RU Blank Plates creates a more esthetically pleasing finish to 19" Rack Mount Cabinets, closing off any unused RU sections.

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2RU Rack Mounting DIN Rail is designed for componentary which need to be mounted via DIN Rail in 19" racks or cabinets.

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Fan Control Units are ideal for controlling the room temperature within your 19" racking system. Easily connects with either Fan Units or Fan Kits, the Fan Temperature Control Unit automatically switches Fans On or Off to reach the desired set temperature.

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