Server Racks - Wall Mount Sever Racks

Product Description

Much like the Free Standing Cabinets, the 19" Server Data Racks are also used in larger IT infrastructures and data centers. Fabricated with perforated (front and rear) doors the server room specific racks have been designed to allow an organic airflow throughout the rack and its more active componentry i.e UPS systems, back up devices, switches and blade servers.


  • Heavy duty welded construction
  • Front and rear perforated doors
  • Removable and lockable side panels
  • Vented side panels
  • Knock out for cable pathways
  • Set of castors and leveling feet
  • Black in colour
  • RU markings (front and back rails)


  • High density data centres
  • Large IT Infrastructures
  • Computer rooms
  • Commercial buildings
  • AV Installations

Available in: 18RU, 22RU, 27RU, 37RU, 42RU, 45RU

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