Cat6a Cable and Connectivity

BOSCOM manufacturer and distribute Category 6A cable and provide a full suite of componentry for your channel installation of data communication infrastructures.

For enhanced performance and reliability, our range of shielded Category 6A ISO 11801 (Class EA) channel compliant products have been manufactured to a robust design featuring enhanced shielding against alien cross talk, better electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance and 500Mhz frequency bandwidth to support 10GBASE-T over 100meters in a complete copper channel. 

A system warranty can be provided for Cat6a permanent link installations and reinforced by NATA accredited test result verification which champions the level of quality in BOSCOM’s high performing Cat6a range.

CAT6A Cable; pre terminated and/or custom cut lengths for your cost effectiveness

Angled Patch Panels; create more space in 19” racking units, alleviate strain relief and decrease bend radii of patch cords

RJ45 Jacks; shielded RJ45 Jacks with 50 micron gold contacts.

PoE; Improved heat dissipation characteristics; allows power (rated at 100watts and tested to 110 Watts) to be delivered to your devise 

With our diverse range of data and telecommunication components, BOSCOM can provide project support and quality products across copper connectivity, fibre optics, 19” racks or cabinets and active equipment.

Need more information about how we can develop the perfect Cat6a solution for your application? Send as an email using the contact information at the bottom of the page or via the Contact page on our website and one of our team members will get in touch!

You’re reliable connection starts here!

The BOSCOM Cat6A F/UTP Cable has been constructed for enhanced performance standards of high bandwidth transfer rates and elimination of Alien Cross Talk (AXT). The 500Mhz frequency will allow up to 10Gb of data file transfer (or Bit rate) and is suited for IT infrastructures.

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The BOSCOM CAT6A RJ45 Female-Female Shielded Keystone Coupler has been designed for RJ45 through connectivity either as a standard through adaptor or mounted in a patch panel. The coupler is a used for quick patch through terminations.

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The BOSCOM Shielded RJ45 Keystone Tool-less Jack is ISO 11801 (Class EA) channel compliant and designed to support 100W PoE and high bandwidth transfer rates for both patch panels and field outlets. The 500Mhz frequency will allow up to 10Gb of data file transfer or Bit rate while the robust Die-cast metal case will provide extra protection against alien cross talk.

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Quick tool-less termination and shielded to eliminate Alien Cross Talk (AXT), the BOSCOM CAT6A Field Connector is ISO 11801 (Class EA) channel compliant and is also backward compatible with Cat6 and Cat5e. BOSCOM’s CAT6A Field Connector supports a 500Mhz frequency and will allow a file transfer rate of 10Gb. For use on solid and stranded core cables.

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Featuring side cable entry which can be terminated via the left or right side of the jacks' IDC entry point (90 degree's or 270 degree's). Recommended for cable ducted systems, mounting blocks and work stations to maintain high performance of your cabled network.
The BOSCOM Side Cable Entry Jack is ISO11801 Class EA channel compliant and has been designed to support high bandwidth transfer rates for field outlets.
Boasting 500Mhz frequency for up to 10Gb of data file transfer while the robust Die-cast metal case provides protection against Alien Cross Talk (AXT)....

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The BOSCOM 24 Port Loaded Angled Shielded Keystone Patch Panel (with unique angled jacks) has been designed to alleviate strain on patch cords and eliminate or reduce the number of cable management bars required in 19” racking systems.
This 24 Port Patch Panel uses an over-under arrangement of the jack ports for easy maintenance and a tidier appearance as the panel remains flat where the jacks are angled at 45 degrees.
The BOSCOM Keystone Angled Jack is ISO 11801 (Class EA) channel compliant and supports 100W PoE. The 500Mhz frequency will allow up to 10Gb ...

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The BOSCOM's Unloaded Shielded Keystone Patch Panel has been designed to fit 19" racking systems and house RJ45 Shielded Keystone Jacks.

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RJ45 Shielded S/FTP Patch Cords are designed with molded boots and snagless latch protection. Available in various lengths, and colours.

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