External Loose Tube Gel Filled Cable

Product Description

External Loose Tube Gel Filled Fibre Cable is designed for direct buried external applications. The Optical Fibres are surrounded by gel filled loose tubes for protection against water damage which surrounds the CSM (Central Strength Member). The CSM strengthens the construction of the cable while the PE (polyethylene) sheath surrounds the loose tubes and an overall Nylon Jacket is applied for insect resistance.

Available from 6 Fibres through to 624 Fibres across multiple constructions including GRP (Non Metallic Armor) for various long haul applications.


  • Loose tubes individually gel filled
  • Designed for long haul
  • Insect resistant Nylon Jacket
  • Non Metallic CSM


  • Long Haul
  • Connecting Buildings
  • ITC infrastructures
  • Carrier Network
  • Direct Bury

  • PE/Nylon Jacket
  • Nylon/PE/Nylon Jacket
  • PE/Nylon/Non Metallic Armor/PE Jacket

  • AS S008
  • IEC 60793
  • IEC 60794-1
  • AS 1049
  • AS/NZS 3080

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