Pre Terminated Fibre Optic Assemblies

Product Description

Pre Terminated Fibre Assemblies is an ideal way to get exactly what you require for your fibre installation. All Pre Terminated assemblies can be ordered for various cable environments, core counts, lengths and connector styles.
Pre Terminated Fibre Assemblies will increase efficiencies in field installation upwards of 75% by eliminating the need for onsite termination; its already done! 

A protective pulling sock for one or both ends is optional (highly recommended for at least one end)  to protect the connectors in the field and makes for ease of installation when pulling cable through conduits or small spaces.

Lay, Plug and Play - Simple!

Experience increased efficiencies on your next fibre installation by getting in touch with our team to discuss your project requirements. All we need to know is your desired length, quantity required, core count, connector type, cable environment and fibre mode!

What we need to know!

  • The connector type you need
  • The number of Fibre Cores requiring termination at each end
  • Specific length (in meters)
  • What Mode is required
  • The Environment in which the cable will be installed. Will you need: External Gel Filled (Direct Bury), Riser (Indoor/Outdoor)
  • Will you need a Hauling Sock for installation and connector protection?

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