Backmount Frames

Product Description

Our range of Backmount Frames are designed to house 10 Pair Disconnect Modules of both PROFIL and AMFIL. Backmount Frames are for internal use as a Campus Distributor, Building Distributor or Floor Distributor at or beyond the network boundary.

Backmount Frame 22mm Deep - Metal Frame Only

Available in

  • 2 Way
  • 3 Way
  • 4 Way
  • 6 Way
  • 11 Way

19" Rack Mount Recessed Backmount Frame

  • Backmount Frame for 19" rack mounting
  • Recessed to allow better clearance of doors on rack
  • Has 15 Backmount Module attachment points - 140 Pairs

Jumperable Backmount Frames

Backmount Frame including plastic Jumper Frames, allowing housing of covers

Available in

  • 11 Way, 100 Pair
  • 27 Way, 250 Pair

Backmount Frames

2 Way

Product Code: CBMF02

3 Way

Product Code: CBMF03

4 Way

Product Code: CBMF04

6 Way

Product Code: CBMF06

11 Way

Product Code: CBMF11

19" Recessed Backmount Frame

Product Code: CBMFR15

Jumperable Backmount Frames

11 Way

Product Code: CJBM11

27 Way

Product Code: CJBM27

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