CAT3 Voice Modules

Product Description

BOSCOM's 10 Pair Disconnect Module has been designed for CAT3 Telecommunications connections via PROFIL or AMFIL mounting allowing for 10 incoming and 10 outgoing pairs. 

Earth Modules are used in conjunction with Disconnect Modules to safely earth and redirect electrical surges and can connect up to 30 earth leads.

Both accept KATT style punch down and are mounted on our range of backmount frames.

10 Pair Disconnect Module

  • KATT Style Terminations
  • Pairs Number 1 to 0
  • Disconnect contacts N/C

Earth Module

  • Red Earth Module
  • Used as an earthing point to safely redirect electrical surges
  • For connection of up to 30 earth leads
  • KATT Style Terminations

10 Pair Disconnect Module

Product Code: C10PDM

Earth Module

Product Code: C10EM

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